Full and Final (Foolproof?) Instructions For TTT Move To Substack + FAQs
Full and Final (Foolproof?) Instructions For TTT Move To Substack + FAQs

  TTT has moved to Substack Click here to visit new site: www.tomkinstimes.substack.com … This was first published on Substack, but I’ve gone back into this article on the old site and added these bullet points. It is written from the perspective of being read on…

  • Jun092022

    Scouting Darwin Núñez – Pace, Power & Plenty of Promise

    According to multiple reports, especially from journalists in Portugal, Liverpool are one step away from signing Benfica and Uruguay striker…

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  • Jun082022

    Calvin Ramsay – An Ideal Understudy to Trent Alexander-Arnold?

      According to Liverpool journalist Paul Joyce, the Reds are closing in on signing Aberdeen right-back Calvin Ramsay. The club…

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  • Jun072022

    Liverpool’s Academy Players During the 2021-22 Season – How Are They Doing?

      By TTT Subscriber Madchenkliop. Taking a snapshot of the progress of Academy prospects at this time of year can…

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  • Jun022022

    Could Christopher Nkunku Be Our New Number 9? Scouting Report.

      Over the next few weeks we have asked Mizgan to produce a weekly on players linked to Liverpool. Here…

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  • May312022

    Views of Paris – Eyewitness Accounts From Site Subscribers

      Introduction by Chris Rowland: It’s not the match in Paris that’s been hogging the headlines, but the troubles our…

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  • May292022

    Kettled, Crushed, Tear-Gassed, Pepper-Sprayed and Dogs Snapping At Us – Simply For Queuing Politely

      I’ve been going to Liverpool games with Matt since we met in 1997, by which point I’d been going…

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