Full and Final (Foolproof?) Instructions For TTT Move To Substack + FAQs
Full and Final (Foolproof?) Instructions For TTT Move To Substack + FAQs

  TTT has moved to Substack Click here to visit new site: www.tomkinstimes.substack.com … This was first published on Substack, but I’ve gone back into this article on the old site and added these bullet points. It is written from the perspective of being read on…

  • Jul272022

    The 22/23 Season – The Big Preview, Part 1

      And so the world’s greatest soap opera begins anew on the 5th of August. Each team will play 38…

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  • Jul222022

    Darwin Núñez On Track To Be World-Class Striker

      I don’t spend enough time on social media these days to even be aware, until yesterday, that there was…

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  • Jul202022

    Luis Diaz At Liverpool – How Does He Compare With Salah and Mane?

      Luis Diaz’s arrival initially brought up the question of whether he would slot into the team straight away or…

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  • Jul132022

    Joe Gomez’s New Contract – An Effective Piece of Business for the Future

      The news of Joe Gomez signing a contract extension with Liverpool may not have attracted the same volume of…

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  • Jul112022

    Tall Teams, Short-Arse Sides and A Weird Summer of Transfers

      Perhaps more than any other football writer, I’m obsessed with the heights of players, having looked into the issue…

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  • Jul062022

    *Please to See the King – My Day at St. David’s Hall, Cardiff.

      By Taskin Ismet (TTT Subscriber Tash). If you’d have looked in my bedroom at pretty much anytime in the…

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