A Decade of Big Chances: Clinical or Careless?
A Decade of Big Chances: Clinical or Careless?
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  In the past, the only match stats available were the very basic ‘total shots’ for each team, and if you were lucky maybe possession. It was rare to come across anything else. That all changed, for me anyway, when I subscribed to EPL Index about…

  • Nov152008

    Some Puzzles Take Time

    [Piece submitted to www.liverpoolfc.tv on 13.11.08, but had yet to appear on site so published here. Since posting here it…

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  • Nov132008

    Dynasty: Introduction

    (Some formatting, such as italics, may have been lost in transfer) Glamourous locations arrived at in global travels; power and…

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  • Nov122008

    Rotation Myth Will Never Die

    It seems clear that Rafa Benítez has tweaked his rotation policy, in the way he suggested, several weeks ago, that…

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