World Cup 2014, Brazil – Preview, Groups E&F

World Cup 2014, Brazil – Preview, Groups E&F
June 11, 2014 Chris Rowland

By Chris Rowland.

Along with Group C, Group E may offer the least interest to neutral observers, ie anyone who’s not French, Swiss or England’s last two friendly opponents, Ecuadorean or Honduran, though Liverpool are represented by France’s Sakho. But that doesn’t preclude the possibility of some good games or great goals. That’s the wonder of football – Switzerland v Ecuador can thrill as much as Spain v Brazil disappoints.

In Group F, surely the interest is solely on who from Nigeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iran will qualify as runners-up to seeded and highly fancied Argentina? Switzerland are the seeded team in Group E, and ranked 6th in the world.

Group E Winners will play Group F Runners-up in Brasilia on Mon. June 30, and the Group F Winners will play the Group E Runners-up  in Sao Paolo on Tues. July 1.

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