The Taxing Issue of Taki – Where Could He Fit Into The Jigsaw?
The Taxing Issue of Taki – Where Could He Fit Into The Jigsaw?
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  By Mizgan Masani When Takumi Minamino was signed in the pre-COVID world of the January window of 2020 from Red Bull Salzburg formas little as £7.25m, the general consensus was that the club had signed a very good young player for a low price. The…

  • Apr172009

    Ferguson and Allardyce: Grow Up

    I am still in shock at the reaction of Sam Allardyce and Alex Ferguson to a gesture made by Rafa…

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  • Apr142009

    Liverpool Pride, Liverpool Passion: 4-4 at the Bridge

    To score four goals, and still be in with a shout with five minutes remaining of an 180-minute tie –…

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  • Apr122009

    Insua, Ngog and ‘Defensive’ Liverpool

    (Irony alert.) It was great this weekend to see so many teams defending set-pieces perfectly with man-marking. Blackburn’s Christopher Samba…

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  • Apr092009

    Serenity Now

    Sent to official Liverpool site, but put up here as well in the meantime. A lot of what I write…

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  • Apr052009

    Thoughts on the season so far

    An interview I did for the Bleacher Report, answering questions on various aspects of the season so far: Interview here…

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  • Mar292009

    UEFA: take your oars and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine

    It wouldn’t be UEFA if they weren’t having a pop at the top English clubs. Ever since the top sides…

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  • Mar212009

    Ferguson is wrong

    Thankfully, most media outlets seem to have seen the massive inaccuracy in Alex Ferguson’s figures relating to Liverpool’s spending. That…

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  • Mar192009

    The Worst LFC-related Newspaper Article EVER

    So there we have it. Rafa Benítez has to compete with Bob Paisley, not Alex Ferguson. Rafa Benítez isn’t allowed…

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  • Mar142009

    Tomkins Smokes A Cigar

    <Strikes match> Ahhhhhh…. (Okay, so United are still going to win the league, and I'm not really smoking a cigar,…

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