Post-Match Analysis: Liverpool 0-1 Fulham
Post-Match Analysis: Liverpool 0-1 Fulham
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The sixth defeat in a row at Anfield was described – at the beginning of Klopp’s post-match press conference – with the words “not good enough” by the man himself. Thankfully, he then goes onto explain that we had to make several changes (and wanted to…

  • Jan202009

    Red heart still beating

    (Piece submitted to liverpoolfc.tv 20.1.2009 but not yet published.) Well, this game had danger written all over it.  Everton, with…

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  • Dec242008

    Football Will Eat Itself, And Eat Us Too

    Soon, nothing in football will make sense. Chaos will reign supreme. Already largely bereft of logic and consistency, a sense…

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  • Dec182008

    Sack Rafa? Sack Off

    I’ve read some rubbish in my time as a Liverpool fan, but the current criticism of Rafa Benítez just sickens…

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  • Dec152008

    Time For the Return of Michael Owen?

    It seems strange to be talking about a goalscoring crisis after eight goals in three games, a figure racked up…

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  • Dec102008

    What Did We Learn #4, PSV 1 Liverpool 3

    For all the criticism that has come Liverpool’s way this season, it continues to represent a high of almost two…

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  • Dec042008

    Dynasty: The Joe Fagan Years

    The chapter covering Joe Fagan is the shortest in Dynasty, and therefore the easiest to translate in full to the…

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  • Dec012008

    What Did We Learn? #3, 0-0 vs West Ham

    Well, if we didn’t already know, we learned that the most recent performances aren’t indicative of title-winning form. Thankfully, form…

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  • Nov302008

    Plea For Perceptive Punditry

    Liverpool will never win the league while Rafa Benítez keeps tinkering. That is the view of renowned intellect, existentialist and…

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  • Nov242008

    Dynasty: The Graeme Souness Years

    Abridged excerpt from “Dynasty: 50 Years of Shankly’s Liverpool”, book available here. Graeme Souness 1991-1994 Introduction On paper it was…

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