Post-Match Analysis: Liverpool 0-0 Real Madrid (1-3 on agg)
Post-Match Analysis: Liverpool 0-0 Real Madrid (1-3 on agg)
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  That felt like an impressive performance: chances created early, barely conceding anything on the break; moving their defence around and finding space for our key players in the final third without quite picking out or executing the best option. Do the underlying stats agree? Well, partially.…

  • Apr052009

    Thoughts on the season so far

    An interview I did for the Bleacher Report, answering questions on various aspects of the season so far: Interview here…

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  • Mar292009

    UEFA: take your oars and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine

    It wouldn’t be UEFA if they weren’t having a pop at the top English clubs. Ever since the top sides…

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  • Mar212009

    Ferguson is wrong

    Thankfully, most media outlets seem to have seen the massive inaccuracy in Alex Ferguson’s figures relating to Liverpool’s spending. That…

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  • Mar192009

    The Worst LFC-related Newspaper Article EVER

    So there we have it. Rafa Benítez has to compete with Bob Paisley, not Alex Ferguson. Rafa Benítez isn’t allowed…

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  • Mar142009

    Tomkins Smokes A Cigar

    <Strikes match> Ahhhhhh…. (Okay, so United are still going to win the league, and I'm not really smoking a cigar,…

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  • Mar102009

    In Defence of Lucas Leiva

    Rafa Benítez had his latest press conference interrupted by a "guerilla journalist" (i.e., a wanker) pressing him on why he…

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  • Mar042009

    The Cost of Premiership Squads – A Comparison

    This is designed as an accompaniment piece to my latest article for the LFC website, which I've submitted today. The…

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  • Mar022009

    Idiot of the Day #2 – Forum Muppet & Friends

    I wondered why I kept getting referral links from the BBC football website.  Here's why – idiots are on the…

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  • Mar012009

    Why Have the Reds Collapsed?

    So why has it all gone wrong in the Premiership, after the best start in donkey’s years? I’ve tried to…

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