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    New LFC Book Out Now On Kindle

    Posted by Paul Tomkins on August 1st, 2015

    New LFC Book Out Now On Kindle

    By Paul Tomkins. XI: Eleven Years of Analysis & Hair-Loss Following Liverpool FC is out now on Kindle. The limited edition printed copies were available to TTT subscribers only. However, the book is now on general release via Amazon’s various worldwide stores. Click the link below to buy the book from the store, but [...]


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      The Week That Was – Friday 31st July

      By Chris Rowland and Daniel Rhodes. W/c Monday July 27th 2015. Welcome to our weekly round-up, a diary of news and events on the site, matters relating to LFC and the world of football generally. The Week in Football – Liverpool FC: Monday: James Milner admits the lure of playing in central midfield was a [...]

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      FSG’s Future With Liverpool FC?

      By TTT Subscriber Si Steers. When FSG acquired Liverpool FC in 2010, they made a commitment to build a sustainable future. Unlike Hicks and Gillett, or the Glazers at United, they would not take any money the club made out of the club. They would grow revenues so that the club would become self-sustaining. They [...]

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      The Taking of Premier 1-2-3

      By TTT Subscriber Mark Cohen. Let’s start this off with one, concise truth: Only one team will win the 2015/16 Premier League For the rest, there is only varying degrees of disappointment. How disappointed you are depends on your initial expectation of your team’s chances for the season to come. So for example, Southampton would [...]