Clustermotherfucking ARGGHHH!
Clustermotherfucking ARGGHHH!
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First of all, let’s take the gloves off as Liverpool continue to experience a crappy 2017. On a brief personal note before getting onto the issues at hand, if you say that I “spin” things, I will block and/or ban you. I am not in the…

  • Feb242017

    The Old Boys’ Pen – Get Behind Your Team (Part 2)

    This is the second part of the first article from a new panel of Old Boys (and Girls) who will be giving…

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  • Feb232017

    Daniel Sturridge: the Goals, the Injuries and the Suitability

    By Daniel Rhodes. From the Midlands, Daniel Sturridge was initially spotted by Aston Villa where he spent four years before…

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  • Feb222017

    The Old Boys’ Pen – Get Behind Your Team (Part 1)

    The Old Boys’ Pen This is the first article from a new panel of Old Boys (and Girls) who will be…

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  • Feb212017

    Bus Depot Part Two: Liverpool’s Away Struggles With High Possession


    By Andrew Beasley (TTT Subscriber ‘Beez’). Liverpool have played twenty-eight away games under Jürgen Klopp in the Premier League and…

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  • Feb192017

    Brutal British Bastardry: Tough Times for Arsenal, Liverpool and Others

    The travails of Arsene Wenger seem very familiar to me; indeed, in many ways they resemble what happened at Liverpool seven…

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  • Feb182017

    Live TV – a Turn-Off For Match-Going Supporters?

    by Chris Rowland. First of all it was Sky, and Sunday afternoons. Then came Saturday late, and Saturday early. Sunday was…

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  • Feb152017

    Escaping From the Kryptonite-Infested Bus Depot

    By Daniel Rhodes. We all know the scenario: Henderson picks up the ball – just inside his own half –…

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  • Feb142017

    My Day at the Match – Spurs (H) Feb 11th. A Slightly Hazy Tale of Two Trips

    By Daniel Rhodes. The day began at 5:30am, with fresh coffee and me editing an article about Liverpool’s struggles in…

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  • Feb132017

    Winless Runs and Flightless Liverbirds – 60 Years of Recovering From Bad Form

    Since 1959 there have been no fewer than 124 occasions when Liverpool have gone three or more league games without…

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  • Feb122017

    Form Is Temporary. Class Is … Improving

    This season was always likely to be about building on what Jürgen Klopp inherited last season, and building something. This…

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  • Feb122017

    Post-Match Analysis: Tottenham (H)

    By Daniel Rhodes. That was phenomenal. A joy to watch from start to finish: blitz them early, press them into…

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  • Feb102017

    FSG’s Ownership Of Liverpool FC – A Timeline (Part 2)

    By Krishen Bhautoo (TTT Subscriber Krishaldo). 23rd July 2013: John W Henry Tweets About Arsenal After Arsenal’s cheeky £40,000,001 bid…

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