The 2022 Summer Transfer Window – the Facts and Figures

The 2022 Summer Transfer Window – the Facts and Figures
September 5, 2022 Krishaldo
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I’m legally obliged to say that the transfer window has ‘slammed shut’ so it’s time for a round up of what happened.

It hasn’t disappointed in terms of total spend. According to Deloitte, the gross spend is 67% higher than the previous summer transfer window’s £1.1bn and 34% higher than the previous record (summer 2017’s £1.4bn). “The 2022-23 season already has the highest transfer spend since the two-window season began, exceeding the previous record by 3% (2017-18’s £1.86bn),” the group said.

But before we delve into who has spent how much, let’s take a look at who’s done the most business in terms of ins and outs.

What’s surprising, is that despite signing more players in one summer than any other British club in history (21!), Nottingham Forest have only increased their squad size by four. Perhaps there was a method behind their perceived madness.

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