Full and Final (Foolproof?) Instructions For TTT Move To Substack + FAQs
Full and Final (Foolproof?) Instructions For TTT Move To Substack + FAQs

  TTT has moved to Substack Click here to visit new site: www.tomkinstimes.substack.com … This was first published on Substack, but I’ve gone back into this article on the old site and added these bullet points. It is written from the perspective of being read on…

  • Aug202022

    Match Preview Special – Manchester United (Away) and Site News

      For the time being, match previews are on hold, as we seek to undergo another essential rebuild of the…

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  • Aug182022

    For TTT Subscribers: Thoughts on This Refereeing Research Piece, Please!

      I want some feedback on this article from you, TTT subscribers, if that’s okay! I’m not sure what to…

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  • Aug162022

    A Bald Man’s Thoughts From The Lower Centenary Stand vs Crystal Palace

      It was a long hot day, and a stuffy ride home in a car with broken air-con, stuck near…

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  • Aug152022

    *Bumper* Post-Match Analysis: Liverpool 1-1 Crystal Palace

      Paul Tomkins has been at the match tonight and will no doubt add some thoughts on proceedings in due…

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  • Aug102022

    Book Excerpt: ‘Mediocre’ van Dijk after Injury Back To His Best

    Imperious Defending: ‘Mediocre’ van Dijk after Injury Back To His Best What follows below is an excerpt from my latest book,…

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  • Aug062022

    *Bumper* Post-Match Analysis: Fulham 2-2 Liverpool

      Paul Tomkins, Andrew Beasley, Daniel Rhodes, Chris Rowland and other TTT regulars will give their thoughts on the match…

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  • Aug042022

    People Always Fail To Even Notice Liverpool’s Greatest Strength – A 2022/23 Season Preview

      To me, the most overlooked factor in a football team is this: the interconnected mental software, wherein shared time…

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  • Aug012022

    The 22/23 Season – The Big Preview, Part 2

      There are six factors factors which when met are likely to result in a title challenge; in Part 1…

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  • Jul312022

    Liverpool Cannot Score Goals, Beat Good Teams, Or Do Anything At All. Liverpool Are Rubbish.

      “Liverpool drew all six league games against their closest rivals (City, Chelsea and Tottenham) and failed to score in…

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