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    Reasons to be Cheerful, Parts 1-10

    Posted by Chris Rowland on June 30th, 2015

    Reasons to be Cheerful, Parts 1-10

    By TTT Subscriber Neil Mundy. OK, OK, I tried this before at the end of the 2013/14 season, and in retrospect, that didn’t really work out so well. In fact, I dare not re-read it, for fear of cringing. So why am I doing it again? (Predilection for self-flagellation?! – Ed ) Well quite frankly [...]


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    • Chris Rowland 26 Comments
      Should They Stay Or Should They Go? (Part 1)

      By Chris Rowland and Daniel Rhodes. Part 1 – Goalkeepers and Defence It’s a TTT tradition that each summer we evaluate our squad player by player, and give subscribers the chance to vote whether we keep or offload them (although unlike the X-Factor, the voting has no direct influence on what happens). Unfortunately Andrew (TTT Subscriber [...]

    • Paul Tomkins 55 Comments
      Roberto Firmino – Much Cheaper Than You Think

      By Paul Tomkins. Transfer prices increase all the time, not least when Sky suddenly pump billions more into the game (which viewers then have to stump up for). The idea that Roberto Firmino is Liverpool’s 2nd-most expensive player ever, whilst technically true, ignores the massive impact of inflation. When inflation is taken into account, he [...]

    • Paul Tomkins 57 Comments
      Firmino, Sterling and Transfer Strategies

      By Paul Tomkins. Roberto Firmino, currently shining for Brazil at the Copa America, becomes the first “wow” signing of Liverpool’s summer, although his arrival completes a hand of five highly disparate June deals. He joins James Milner in arriving as an established international, but obviously cost a fairly high fee, whereas Milner was a free [...]