New Paul Tomkins Liverpool FC Book – (UPDATE)
New Paul Tomkins Liverpool FC Book – (UPDATE)
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  Updated June 23rd 2022. Book is now fully written and at the proofreading stage. Subscribers can still preorder the special extended edition – see details behind the paywall. Originally published March 2022.  My new Liverpool FC book (ably assisted by the TTT editorial crew) will be…

  • Jan112010

    Reading (h) – Pre/Post Match Discussion

    Here we go again, assuming there are no last-minute blizzards. As per usual, subscribers can discuss the match in the…

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  • Jan102010

    A Damning Indictment

    Despite mentioning nothing of the sort, the mass media has Benítez “admitting” that Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard could be…

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  • Jan072010

    Babel Babble By Lippy Lipton

    We have Martin Lipton, noted Spurs fan (hmm, who do we play at the weekend?), slating Rafa’s “terrible transfer policy”…

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  • Jan052010

    FAO Subscribers – Important Info

    Some site news, as The Tomkins Times continues to grow and evolve.

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  • Jan042010

    Spurs (h) Pre/Post-Match Discussion

    Usual drill, Subscribers discuss the weekend's match here, before, during and after.

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  • Jan012010

    Happy New Year – Happy New Faces?

    Maxi Rodriguez to sign from Atletico Madrid on loan, ahead of a free transfer in the summer?

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