New Paul Tomkins Liverpool FC Book – (UPDATE)
New Paul Tomkins Liverpool FC Book – (UPDATE)
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  Updated June 23rd 2022. Book is now fully written and at the proofreading stage. Subscribers can still preorder the special extended edition – see details behind the paywall. Originally published March 2022.  My new Liverpool FC book (ably assisted by the TTT editorial crew) will be…

  • Feb022010

    The Media, Liverpool FC & You

    If you do not have your facts straight, you don’t have an opinion; you just have hot air. An opinion…

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  • Jan312010

    Success Starts at the Back

    Whisper it quietly, but Liverpool could be six games into a very important run of form. An eight point deficit…

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  • Jan282010

    Idiot of the Day – 28th January 2010

    As requested by subscribers, my encounters with the clinically insane.

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  • Jan272010

    Bolton (H) Pre/Post-Match Discussion

    While failing to beat Wolves was disappointing (as was the grim attacking display), the last five league games – only…

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  • Jan232010

    Wolves (a) Pre/Post-Match Discussion

    At last a bit of form - joint 2nd in the Premiership form league based over the past six games.…

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  • Jan222010

    Aquilani – Cause Célèbre

    All this followed months of impatience from fans and media alike, none of which helped Benítez or his Italian acquisition.…

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