Post-Match Analysis: Liverpool 0-1 Fulham
Post-Match Analysis: Liverpool 0-1 Fulham
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The sixth defeat in a row at Anfield was described – at the beginning of Klopp’s post-match press conference – with the words “not good enough” by the man himself. Thankfully, he then goes onto explain that we had to make several changes (and wanted to…

  • Aug222009

    The New Defenders: Ayala, Kyrgiakos and Johnson

    Daniel Ayala, the Spanish lad who looks like he’s swallowed a football (think less Adam’s apple, more Adam’s grapefruit), has…

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  • Aug202009

    N’Gog – Silent Assassin?

    Unbelievably, I’ve heard a few Reds criticising David N’Gog. Here we have a young import who has only played 458…

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  • Aug182009

    Knee Jerk Time

    The knees have never jerked so hard. No surprise, I guess, but still the way doom can set in after…

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  • Aug102009

    Season Preview 2009/10 – Liverpool Squad Review

    So, it’s less than a week away. Hope and dread return in equal measure. Two players of undoubted quality (Johnson…

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  • Aug052009

    Adios Alonso

    This is a piece sent to .tv this afternoon, but which I’m guessing might be problematic for the official site…

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  • Jul292009

    Two Words For Real Madrid

    If Alonso’s worth to Madrid is not as great, then to them he’s obviously not worth £30m. Fine. Walk away.…

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  • Jul122009

    Keeping Alonso Is Key To Success

    It seems that Real Madrid aren’t going to go away. They think that Xabi Alonso is uniquely talented, but they…

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  • Jun082009

    Yossi Benayoun (Excerpt from Above Us Only Sky, 2007)

    Yossi Benayoun’s arrival at Liverpool could be seen as something of a good omen. A £5m signing from West Ham,…

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  • May182009

    Why should Rafa congratulate Ferguson?

    I see that Rafa Benítez is being criticised for not congratulating Alex Ferguson upon United’s success. After the West Brom…

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