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    When You Walk Out Through a Storm …

    Posted by Chris Rowland on February 8th, 2016

    When You Walk Out Through a Storm …

    By Chris Rowland. First the black flags before the match. Only black flags. No red ones. No giant one to pass over your heads. Then the slightly disturbing atmosphere of simmering unrest. Even if you didn’t know, you’d have sensed something was afoot. But of course everyone did know. Let’s wind back a few hours, [...]


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      Tactical Analysis – Liverpool 2 Sunderland 2

      By Mihail Vladimirov. Although both managers had key players absent through injury, ahead of this game each side had a reasonable number of possibilities regarding their starting formations and personnel. Each manager had the option to rotate their side or change the outlook of their team with some tactical tweaks. In the end though, both [...]

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      Leicester 2 Liverpool 0: In-Depth Tactical Analysis

      By Mihail Vladimirov. With Leicester not having any major injuries and Liverpool rotating heavily for their FA Cup game, both teams’ starting XIs were predictable. There were no surprises in Ranieri’s or Klopp’s selection decisions. The Foxes continued with their regular starting XI with Okazaki once again preferred as Vardy’s support up front in their [...]

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      Premier League Preview: Sunderland (H)

      By Gary Fulcher and Daniel Rhodes. Liverpool host Sam Allardyce’s Sunderland at Anfield on Saturday – 3pm kick off UK time – and with just three wins from the last ten Premier League games, the league table makes extremely grim reading as the Reds sit mired in mid-table mediocrity, 16 points behind the leaders Leicester, [...]