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    TTT Tactics: Is Coutinho What We Need?

    Posted by Daniel Rhodes on September 3rd, 2015

    TTT Tactics: Is Coutinho What We Need?

    Daniel Rhodes and Mihail Vladimirov Topics:  Coutinho as the creator, but unable to be the playmaker: discussing the different skills required, and the impact not having a recognised playmaker causes the attacking creativity. Analysing the players now available in the squad to play that role, and coming up with only one: Joe Allen, honestly. Why [...]


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      Very Important News For TTT Subscribers

      By Paul Tomkins. It’s been a while since a news update, and this one is particularly important, as it affects the level of service we can provide over the coming months.

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      Simply Not Good Enough

      By Paul Tomkins. For starters, Brendan Rodgers is not a ‘fraud’, and I have no time for people who suggest that he is. Also, Liverpool’s position in the table doesn’t make for terrible reading after away visits to Stoke and Arsenal. And four games is too early to make conclusively damning judgements, especially when everyone [...]

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      Tactical Analysis: Liverpool 0 West Ham 3

      By Mihail Vladimirov. SUMMARY West Ham sprang a surprise by opting for a lopsided 4-1-4-1 formation but took a similar approach to their game at Arsenal Liverpool’s lack of width played right into West Ham’s hands defensively Bilic’s approach combined solid defending with ambitious attacking West Ham’s  lopsided defensive shape perfectly matched Liverpool and addressed [...]