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    Rodgers Sacked. Why? And Where Next?

    Posted by Paul Tomkins on October 4th, 2015

    Rodgers Sacked. Why? And Where Next?

    By Paul Tomkins. The famous Benjamin Franklin quote is that Guests are like fish – they begin to smell after three days. Maybe with managers it’s three seasons. Even plenty of managers themselves admit that after three years they’ve said everything they can possibly say; used every trick in the book. Managers that last longer [...]


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      The Week That Was – Friday 2nd October

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      Is Liverpool FC “Dysfunctional”?

      By Paul Tomkins. The word ‘dysfunctional’ has been used by many observers when it comes to the way Liverpool FC operates, particularly in the transfer market. FSG have come in for some criticism lately, in terms of how they’re running the club. One piece of logic I don’t quite get is that in trying to [...]

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      Formations Are Neutral….

      By TTT Subscriber Ben Feltham. “Formations are neutral….but players are not”. This paraphrased sentiment could be my second favourite moment on an internet forum. No actually just on The Internet. In my life. The first was a racism storm unsurprisingly linked to Luis Suarez and went something like this (the names have been changed to…);- [...]