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    Rodgers, and Extenuating Circumstances

    Posted by Paul Tomkins on May 28th, 2015

    Rodgers, and Extenuating Circumstances

    By Paul Tomkins. Having spent the past few days undergoing psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and even the brain-wiping treatment used in The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (complete with Kirsten Dunst dancing on my bed), I can still recall a vague sense of something really bad happening on a football pitch on Sunday. The numbers ‘6’ [...]


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    • Paul Tomkins 81 Comments
      EXCLUSIVE: Proof that Cups Harm League Form

      By Paul Tomkins. This article is initially for TTT subscribers only, but a version will be made free to read at a later date. For years now I’ve been arguing that cup football can damage a team’s league health, although it was based more on empirical evidence, and a hunch, than anything more concrete. But [...]

    • Paul Tomkins 479 Comments
      A Clusterfuck of a Campaign

      Paul Tomkins. I hate hyperbole. People have said that several performances this season – and particularly of late – have been “disgusting”, and various other emotive terms that I’ve felt were excessive. But the first half at Stoke was as sobering as anything I’ve seen. And by sobering I mean hideously embarrassing. Five-nil down for [...]

    • Mihail Vladimirov 10 Comments
      Stoke City 6 Liverpool 1: In-Depth Tactical Analysis

      By Mihail Vladimirov. SUMMARY Liverpool started with a 4-diamond-2 for the first time in 2015 From the start, Stoke pressed high up Liverpool were forced into rushed and poor passing Stoke suffocated the visitors with their intensity out of possession Stoke created the type of game that didn’t suit Liverpool The out-of-form Can was overloaded [...]