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    The LFC Team That Would Have Won the Title

    Posted by Paul Tomkins on April 1st, 2015

    The LFC Team That Would Have Won the Title

    By Paul Tomkins. Last weekend’s charity game, while essentially meaningless in sporting terms, provided a fascinating glimpse into what might have been. The beauty of ‘what might have beens’ is that you can never disprove your belief; the downside is that you can never prove them to be true, either. My sense is that between [...]


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    • Krishaldo 36 Comments
      Fixing the Club v Country Debate

      By Krishen Bhautoo (TTT Subscriber Krishaldo). As we know only too well, Daniel Sturridge got injured whilst on international duty. It wasn’t from an innocuous challenge, nor by an awkward fall, but during training. After a friendly match. A training session that he wasn’t even supposed to be involved in if Mr Hodgson and co [...]

    • Paul Tomkins 50 Comments
      Anger Leads To Hate, Hate Leads To Suffering

      By Dave Cronin. George Lucas did a piss-poor job when writing Return of the Jedi.  The lazy repeat of the rebels versus Death Star plot; the daft way in which he killed off Boba Fett; the whole plot around the rescue of Han Solo (so they all planned to get captured at different times?); the Ewoks who seemed [...]

    • Chris Rowland 9 Comments
      The Week That Was – Friday 27th March

      By Chris Rowland and Daniel Rhodes. W/c Monday March 23rd 2015. Welcome to our new weekly round-up, a diary of news and events on the site, matters relating to LFC and also the world of football generally. The Week in Football – Liverpool FC: Monday: Referee Martin Atkinson was right to send off Steven Gerrard [...]