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    Why Liverpool Never Win the League

    Posted by Paul Tomkins on November 24th, 2014

    Why Liverpool Never Win the League

    By Paul Tomkins. One thing people always tell me is that Liverpool ‘won’t win the league with X manager’. Ten years ago I’d have gone along with this, as I still thought it football was all about having the right manager. But over the past decade it has been clear to me that Liverpool won’t [...]


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    • Chris Rowland 43 Comments
      I Want Him To Do It Again

      By Paul Little. I’ve only ever wanted one manager to be shown the door at Liverpool. And that manager was Roy Hodgson. Despite how others struggled, or flattered to deceive, Hodgson was the only one I wanted to go because he was the only one I didn’t want there in the first place. Not all [...]

    • Chris Rowland 1 Comment
      Rodgers, Rodgers, Rodgers and Noise

      Welcome to today’s daily digest, listing the day’s Liverpool FC news, the latest LFC transfer news, other major football news and also providing links to the best posts on the site’s debate section and the most active debate threads during the day. This article is for Subscribers only.

    • Paul Tomkins 263 Comments
      Time To Sack Rodgers?

      By Paul Tomkins. “Retweet this if you want Rodgers sacked” came one Tweet. Well, I didn’t; because I don’t. Equally, this season has been such a car crash that, even after last year’s miracle, I wouldn’t be able to say that the manager’s job should be totally safe. This is a quick 2,000 words after [...]