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    Position Versus Role

    Posted by Daniel Rhodes on November 26th, 2015

    Position Versus Role

    By James Nalton.  In the recent Tactics podcast and in he and Bob Pearce’s Tactics For Beginners series, our tactics expert Mihail Vladimirov discussed how the conventional way of describing ‘positions’ is largely redundant in modern football, and we should talk instead about the roles that players undertake. Here, James examines exactly that issue. Which [...]


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    • Krishaldo 37 Comments
      British Managers vs Foreign: By Numbers

      By Krishen Bhautoo. (TTT Subscriber Krishaldo) Prior to our League Cup game vs Bournemouth in October, Eddie Howe said ”It’s difficult for British coaches to get a job at the top clubs and may get harder.” Astoundingly, Mourinho echoed similar thoughts with him saying ‘I’m speaking against myself but I disagree with there being so many foreign [...]

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      2015/16 Europa League Preview: Bordeaux (H)

      By Gary Fulcher. Liverpool will be hoping to book their place in the last 32 of the Europa League with victory over Bordeaux at Anfield on Thursday night; 8.05pm kick off UK time. After four games played, the Reds are 2nd in Group B with six points, two behind leaders Sion and three points clear [...]

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      Klopp to Build Super Team Free of Superstars

      By Paul Tomkins. If there’s one thing we gleaned from Liverpool’s 3-1 win at Chelsea, and the even more impressive 4-1 dismantling of Manchester City this weekend, it’s that the team ethic Klopp promised to bring from Dortmund is in full effect. Some changes take time, and intensive training, to implement. Others can be more [...]