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    Do Liverpool Need the Cups?

    Posted by Paul Tomkins on January 28th, 2015

    Do Liverpool Need the Cups?

    By Paul Tomkins. Given that the role of momentum in sport may be overplayed, it’s difficult to know whether cup runs are important. It’s always nice to win silverware, but if that silverware has no great meaning – if it has been devalued (or never was of value) – then it becomes a question of [...]


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    • Paul Tomkins 44 Comments
      Site News and Book Launch

      By Paul Tomkins. Hopefully the wheels will start moving on the TTT revamp soon. I am relying on other people having the time to help with it, as I’m obviously not a web developer. The following site news is for Subscribers only. Official Launch Today is the ‘official’ retail launch date for The Girl on [...]

    • Footballers, Hotel Rooms and Prostitutes

      By Bob Pearce. Footballers, Hotel Rooms and Prostitutes. They are inseparable. They are also inconsistent, intangible and perishable. Just like in the movies sometimes, I’m starting around the middle somewhere to grab your attention. Alternative title 1 ‘Tomkins’ Law explained’ We talk about transfers as though we can know what we are getting for our [...]

    • Gary Fulcher 596 Comments
      Capital One Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg: Chelsea (A)

      By Gary Fulcher. Liverpool are back in Capital One Cup action on Tuesday evening when we face Chelsea in the semi-final second leg at Stamford Bridge; 7.45pm kick off UK time. The tie is finely balanced following the 1-1 draw at Anfield in the first leg. Tottenham Hotspur or Sheffield Utd will be the opponents [...]