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    This Shit Is Getting Real … Must Win!

    Posted by Paul Tomkins on October 19th, 2014

    This Shit Is Getting Real … Must Win!

    By Paul Tomkins. Yes, the must-win games are coming thick and fast. Including the Champions League matches, there must be 40 must-win games left. Suddenly you realise why being a football fan is so exhausting. Indeed, simply watching Liverpool since April has been hard going. You end the match feeling a nervous wreck. As the [...]


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    • Chris Rowland 4 Comments
      We Must Do Better

      Welcome to today’s daily digest, listing the day’s Liverpool FC news, the latest LFC transfer news, other major football news and also providing links to the best posts on the site’s debate section and the most active debate threads during the day. This article is for Subscribers only.

    • Gary Fulcher 667 Comments
      Premier League Preview 2014/15: Q.P.R. (A)

      By Gary Fulcher, Daniel Rhodes and Mihail Vladimirov. Two weeks have passed since Adam Lallana and Jordan Henderson scored in Liverpool’s 2-1 victory over West Bromwich Albion, and the trip to Loftus Road to face ‘Arry Redknapp’s Queens Park Rangers on Sunday – 1.30pm kick off UK time – begins a sequence of seven games [...]

    • Daniel Rhodes 5 Comments
      TTT Tactics #2: “More Often Than Not”

      Including: Bob Pearce, Mihail Vladimirov and Daniel Rhodes Topics:  Recurring tactical issues: midfield fluidity; the broken team; Gerrard and Lucas, Gerrard and Henderson or Gerrard and Lovren playing the same role. Coutinho’s preferred role. In-game tactical management: case study – West Ham away and the wrong change after 20 minutes. Benchmarking tactical success: is it [...]