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    Heysel – 30 Years Of Hurt

    Posted by Chris Rowland on May 29th, 2015

    Heysel – 30 Years Of Hurt

    By Chris Rowland. 30 years ago today, Liverpool and Juventus met in the European Cup final in Brussels. It was our fifth European Cup final in nine years, having won the first four. 39 people died in the Heysel Stadium when a wall collapsed following fighting on the terraces. Most of them were Italians and [...]


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      The Week That Was – Friday 29th May

      By Chris Rowland and Daniel Rhodes. W/c Monday May 18th 2015. Welcome to our weekly round-up, a diary of news and events on the site, matters relating to LFC and the world of football generally. The Week in Football – Liverpool FC: Monday: Brendan Rodgers accepted that his Liverpool future is in doubt after yesterday’s [...]

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      Rodgers, and Extenuating Circumstances

      By Paul Tomkins. Having spent the past few days undergoing psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and even the brain-wiping treatment used in The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (complete with Kirsten Dunst dancing on my bed), I can still recall a vague sense of something really bad happening on a football pitch on Sunday. The numbers ‘6’ [...]

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      EXCLUSIVE: Proof that Cups Harm League Form

      By Paul Tomkins. This article is initially for TTT subscribers only, but a version will be made free to read at a later date. For years now I’ve been arguing that cup football can damage a team’s league health, although it was based more on empirical evidence, and a hunch, than anything more concrete. But [...]