The Taxing Issue of Taki – Where Could He Fit Into The Jigsaw?
The Taxing Issue of Taki – Where Could He Fit Into The Jigsaw?
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  By Mizgan Masani When Takumi Minamino was signed in the pre-COVID world of the January window of 2020 from Red Bull Salzburg formas little as £7.25m, the general consensus was that the club had signed a very good young player for a low price. The…

  • Mar102009

    In Defence of Lucas Leiva

    Rafa Benítez had his latest press conference interrupted by a "guerilla journalist" (i.e., a wanker) pressing him on why he…

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  • Mar042009

    The Cost of Premiership Squads – A Comparison

    This is designed as an accompaniment piece to my latest article for the LFC website, which I've submitted today. The…

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  • Mar022009

    Idiot of the Day #2 – Forum Muppet & Friends

    I wondered why I kept getting referral links from the BBC football website.  Here's why – idiots are on the…

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  • Mar012009

    Why Have the Reds Collapsed?

    So why has it all gone wrong in the Premiership, after the best start in donkey’s years? I’ve tried to…

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  • Feb232009

    Parallel universe, same outcome

    Piece submitted to .tv 23.2.09, but wanted to use it here too, just in case it's not seen as appropriate.…

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  • Feb162009

    Your Support Is Requested

    If you are a fan of my writing, this applies to you. If you hate what I do, it certainly…

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  • Feb122009

    Idiot of the Day

    Anyone who emails me idiotic nonsense will go into my hall of shame known as ‘Idiot of the Day’. I…

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  • Feb112009

    Benítez vs Ferguson: continuation and clarification of yesterday’s blog

    To follow on from yesterday's piece, I have submitted this article to liverpoolfc.tv, but also chosen to use it on…

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  • Feb082009

    United rely on Ronaldo and Rooney more than Reds rely on Gerrard and Torres

    This blog was initially an excerpt taken from an article submitted to www.liverpoolfc.tv over the weekend –– thought the stats…

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