Full and Final (Foolproof?) Instructions For TTT Move To Substack + FAQs
Full and Final (Foolproof?) Instructions For TTT Move To Substack + FAQs

  TTT has moved to Substack Click here to visit new site: www.tomkinstimes.substack.com … This was first published on Substack, but I’ve gone back into this article on the old site and added these bullet points. It is written from the perspective of being read on…

  • Feb032009

    Why Keano Had To Go

    Robbie Keane is a fine footballer. So why didn’t it work out at Liverpool? Well, first of all, perhaps Keane…

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  • Feb022009

    Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t

    My thoughts on the Chelsea game are in my column on the official site, but I thought I’d share some…

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  • Jan292009

    Sick Of Defending Benítez

    At times like these I feel like giving up. The voices of doom are becoming cacophonous, and here I am…

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  • Jan272009

    An Open Letter To An Idiot

    I get quite a few emails every day, some of which are supportive and in full agreement, some of which…

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  • Jan202009

    Red heart still beating

    (Piece submitted to liverpoolfc.tv 20.1.2009 but not yet published.) Well, this game had danger written all over it.  Everton, with…

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  • Dec242008

    Football Will Eat Itself, And Eat Us Too

    Soon, nothing in football will make sense. Chaos will reign supreme. Already largely bereft of logic and consistency, a sense…

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  • Dec182008

    Sack Rafa? Sack Off

    I’ve read some rubbish in my time as a Liverpool fan, but the current criticism of Rafa Benítez just sickens…

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  • Dec152008

    Time For the Return of Michael Owen?

    It seems strange to be talking about a goalscoring crisis after eight goals in three games, a figure racked up…

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  • Dec102008

    What Did We Learn #4, PSV 1 Liverpool 3

    For all the criticism that has come Liverpool’s way this season, it continues to represent a high of almost two…

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  • Dec042008

    Dynasty: The Joe Fagan Years

    The chapter covering Joe Fagan is the shortest in Dynasty, and therefore the easiest to translate in full to the…

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  • Dec012008

    What Did We Learn? #3, 0-0 vs West Ham

    Well, if we didn’t already know, we learned that the most recent performances aren’t indicative of title-winning form. Thankfully, form…

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  • Nov302008

    Plea For Perceptive Punditry

    Liverpool will never win the league while Rafa Benítez keeps tinkering. That is the view of renowned intellect, existentialist and…

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