Full and Final (Foolproof?) Instructions For TTT Move To Substack + FAQs
Full and Final (Foolproof?) Instructions For TTT Move To Substack + FAQs

  TTT has moved to Substack Click here to visit new site: www.tomkinstimes.substack.com … This was first published on Substack, but I’ve gone back into this article on the old site and added these bullet points. It is written from the perspective of being read on…

  • May182009

    Why should Rafa congratulate Ferguson?

    I see that Rafa Benítez is being criticised for not congratulating Alex Ferguson upon United’s success. After the West Brom…

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  • May052009

    The Greatest Gift

    Sent this to the official site, but will use it here too. Very personal piece, and explains why I may…

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  • Apr232009

    Persecuted and Abused: An LFC Writer’s Woes

    It’s been a stressful week. Frankly, I don’t know how I’ve coped. I’ve had to endure various humiliating insults, which…

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  • Apr212009

    Apologies Not Enough from the BBC

    It’s all very well the BBC’s Radio One Newsbeat team offering an on-air apology for their awful mistake about Hillsborough,…

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  • Apr192009

    The Return of the King: Dalglish Coming Back?

    The news that Kenny Dalglish may return, in some capacity, to Liverpool is almost too good to be true. Quite…

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  • Apr172009

    Ferguson and Allardyce: Grow Up

    I am still in shock at the reaction of Sam Allardyce and Alex Ferguson to a gesture made by Rafa…

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  • Apr142009

    Liverpool Pride, Liverpool Passion: 4-4 at the Bridge

    To score four goals, and still be in with a shout with five minutes remaining of an 180-minute tie –…

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  • Apr122009

    Insua, Ngog and ‘Defensive’ Liverpool

    (Irony alert.) It was great this weekend to see so many teams defending set-pieces perfectly with man-marking. Blackburn’s Christopher Samba…

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  • Apr092009

    Serenity Now

    Sent to official Liverpool site, but put up here as well in the meantime. A lot of what I write…

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  • Apr052009

    Thoughts on the season so far

    An interview I did for the Bleacher Report, answering questions on various aspects of the season so far: Interview here…

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  • Mar292009

    UEFA: take your oars and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine

    It wouldn’t be UEFA if they weren’t having a pop at the top English clubs. Ever since the top sides…

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  • Mar212009

    Ferguson is wrong

    Thankfully, most media outlets seem to have seen the massive inaccuracy in Alex Ferguson’s figures relating to Liverpool’s spending. That…

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