TTT Predicts: An Amazing 2014/15

TTT Predicts: An Amazing 2014/15
September 17, 2014 Andrew Beasley

By Andrew Beasley (Beez).

Last season, we ran the site’s first-ever prediction competition (and here are the results). After Liverpool finished 2012/13 with sixty-one points, the group prediction for the following season was a reasonably modest improvement to seventy-three points.

As we all well know, Brendan Rodgers’ men smashed past that tally and finished with eighty-four. Optimism levels are high around here, despite Luis Suárez moving on, and this is reflected in the predictions this season.

Thank you to the 124 entrants (who entered via the original article here), especially as there was the added challenge of predicting scores this season as well. Let’s have a look at which games we deemed were most likely to end in Liverpool wins at home and away.

TTTP WINSIn 2013/14, seven fixtures were chosen as wins by over 90% of the entrants; this has doubled to fourteen for the new campaign. After the Reds won more home league games than any season since 1985/86 in the last campaign (triumphing on sixteen occasions), it’s no surprise to see that the top twelve matches for win percentage are all at Anfield, and it’s logical to see the three promoted sides at the top of the table for away win predictions too. It’s interesting to see the opening day match with Southampton at home being so high up the list, despite them winning at Anfield last season; a case of ‘new season optimism’?

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