TTT Predicts 2014/15

TTT Predicts 2014/15
August 11, 2014 Andrew Beasley

By TTT Subscriber Andrew Beasley (Beez).

Last season, we at The Tomkins Times ran the site’s first ever prediction competition, and who should come out on top when the results were compiled but the subscriber who predicted that Liverpool would win every single game! It was that kind of crazy season.

The stakes are far higher for Brendan Rodgers and co. this time around though. The Reds will be expected to compete at the top end of the Premier League whilst also plotting a course across Europe’s top table, and all without the unique services of a certain Luis Suárez. How do you think they will get on?

The format has changed slightly from last season. As well as asking whether you think Liverpool will lose (as if), draw (occasionally) or win (you’re damn right they will), we’d also like to know the scoreline of the match. You will get one point for a correct match prediction, with three points awarded for an accurate score prediction.

As with last season, once the results have been compiled I will write an analysis looking at what we as a group expect to see from Liverpool in the season ahead.

Below you will see a table containing Liverpool’s fixtures for the forthcoming season. You will need to copy and paste it into the comment box at the bottom of the page, and then complete it with your predictions. Please put 0,1, or 3 in the ‘LFC Points’ column to denote whether you think Liverpool will lose, draw or win, and how many goals you expect them to score and concede in each game. The overall goal difference will then be used to separate entries in the event of a tie at the end of the season.

This bit of interactive crystal ball gazing is for Subscribers only.