The Tomkins Times Predicts …

The Tomkins Times Predicts …
August 12, 2013 Andrew Beasley

By Andrew Beasley (Beez).

As is customary at this time of year, fans start to look at the fixture list and try to figure out where points will be won and lost by their team through the season. In recent times, esteemed posters such as Mihail Vladimirov and Dave Cronin have laid out their expectations of what results Liverpool should be looking to achieve against different standards of opponents.

Sterling efforts, but inevitably subjective. So here at TTT, we’ve decided to harness the wisdom of our crowd, and also add a competitive element. A TTT poster did suggest this idea earlier this year, but unfortunately I can’t remember who, so thank you, whoever you are…

Below you will see the Reds’ fixture list for 2013/14. What we want you to do is predict if Liverpool will take zero, one or (hopefully!) three points from each match. To act as a guide, we have included the corresponding result from last season, with the three promoted clubs replacing the three sides who were relegated.

I will then compile all of the predictions, and we can see how many points we as a group expect Liverpool to harvest over the next nine months or so, in a future article.

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