Andrew Beasley’s Stats Round-Up: September* 2016

Andrew Beasley’s Stats Round-Up: September* 2016
October 6, 2016 Andrew Beasley

*plus the first weekend of October; these may not always fall perfectly within months!

By Andrew Beasley (TTT Subscriber Beez).

This article will refer to my expected goals system (the full explanation of which can be found here) and my stat benchmarks (which I explained in full here).

My first column of the season certainly inspired the Reds, as they have stormed to a perfect five wins out of five in all competitions since then. My job here is to dig a little deeper into the underlying numbers though, so let’s begin this month with a look at the stat benchmarks.

You may recall that in August Jürgen Klopp’s team did not meet any of my benchmark targets of having five shots on target or three-clear cut chances more than their opposition, but with hindsight we shouldn’t have been surprised as they had not yet played at Anfield. Liverpool got on the board for both benchmarks this month, by having five clear-cut chances against Hull, who offered none in return, and the shots on target totals were handsomely met in both home games; a shots on target difference of eight against the champions was topped by a whopping eleven against Hull. This is currently the highest shots on target difference in any Premier League match this season.

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