How Was Their Season? No. 13: Philippe Coutinho

How Was Their Season? No. 13: Philippe Coutinho
June 7, 2016 Daniel Rhodes

By Matthew Robb (TTT Subscriber Rafaisthebosphorus).

So we all know that this year, Lil’ Phil has been our best player. “A man to build your team around” according to our esteemed Jeff. A “genius of a player” in the words of the even more esteemed Klopp (sorry Jeff!)

For those that like a little artistry in their football, Coutinho is a da Vinci, capable of wonderful creativity, precise geometry and occasionally outrageous invention. For fun, here’s my three favourite non-goal Coutinho moments from this season. Bear in mind as you watch the third that Bellerin has been more or less universally regarded as the best RB in the Prem this year. Toast.

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