How Was Their Season? No.12: Emre Can

How Was Their Season? No.12: Emre Can
June 6, 2016 Chris Rowland

By Alex Tate (TTT Subscriber Kloppva).

Can, Emre Can.

Not Jackie or Charlie. Emre. The German midfielder of Turkish decent.

Before joining Liverpool in 2014, he’d played for Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen, all before reaching 20.

So good were his formative years, his four year contract with Leverkusen was only 25% completed before a release clause activating offer of 9.75mGBP smoothed his journey to Anfield.

But a starting berth in defence under Rodgers became a midfield place with compatriot Klopp, and the Kop saw a transformation from young adaptability into potential midfield hero. 

His debut season was not one of petulance from being played out of position, but one of praise for versatility. While this versatility went by the wayside in 2015/16, we saw a young man growing into a midfielder of great potential and making groß strides in the position of his preference through surging runs, perfectly timed sturdy tackles and never-say-die will against the very best opposition in the Premier League.

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