Post-Match Analysis: Newcastle (H)

Post-Match Analysis: Newcastle (H)
April 24, 2016 Daniel Rhodes

By Daniel Rhodes. 

One of those games that seemed to be overshadowed by everything else: Rafa’s return; the pre-match news about Sakho, and his likely long-term ban from the game; the rotation for Thursday’s upcoming semi-final, pretty much everything apart from the football.

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And yet, Sturridge brings the ball down with defenders all around him and clinically finishes to put the Reds one-nil up after barely 90 seconds. Followed by Lallana’s fizzing left foot strike into the top corner to put us two-nil up. Match over, at half-time.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 10.32.36

Mignolet had other ideas though, and Newcastle sensed our foot-off-the-gas approach and took full advantage.

Match Highlights: (click here)

Match Stats:

There were only 19 shots in the entire match, 13 for Liverpool and only six for Newcastle. Neither side managed to create a big chance. Although one factor was the number of blocked shots, which the Reds continue to ‘excel’ at, with another six against the Magpies.

Goal Threat

Sturridge again continues his remarkable scoring record, and along with Coutinho (who had two of them blocked), managed three shots each.

Although Newcastle has less than half of the Reds’ total shot count, both teams had a similar amount of shot inside the box. So maybe their decision-making was better than ours?

Mignolet made the only Opta-defined defensive error of the game, and it cost us a goal, and three points.

Press Conference:

Fan Reaction:


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  1. Author

    What a shame that was, seemingly everything in control. Two goal lead, three points in the bag. And yet again the frailties reveal themselves. 

    However, it did also feel like an end-of-season game, and we had other distractions as well as a heavily-rotated side. 

    Frustrating in the end. Need to be focused for Thursday, and stop this becoming as frequent as the comebacks!

    The expected goal figures were also low:

    LFC: 0.8
    NEW: 0.5

    Seems to suggest a draw was a fair result.

    • Beez 7 years ago

      For what it’s worth, my expected goals system had it even closer – 0.98 vs 0.84. Three shots on target each in the centre of the box, plus we had one from just outside the box (the Lallana goal).

      My model predicted an expected goals score of 1.54 vs 0.42, so broadly speaking half a goal went from us to them. Cheers, Mignolet! 

  2. rafawasthebosphorus 7 years ago

    Thanks Dan

    Not arsed about the result: maybe it will help Rafa which would be nice (and there would be the fringe bonus of Fat Sam losing his proud record of Champions League wins never taking a side down)

    But arsed about the gaffe at the back again. There can’t be any doubt that Mig is not at the required level. And I personally believe that Mig and Skerts make each other worse in that both are liabilities and both engender nervousness in the defence

    Let’s hope we get Thursday and then summer right.

  3. koolhand21 7 years ago

    I watched the first goal for Newcastle back and have questions. Starting with the Moreno. Did he misplay the high bounce near the touch line to let their player to gain our end? Why were 4 guys over on that side and no one prevented the high cross? What was Randall doing allowing Cisse that much space to get a head of steam to gain lift off? Migs didn’t cover himself in glory as that was a long way to go for an out swinger but do you think there was a bit of contributory negligence by the defense there?

    Asking for a friend named Danny.

    • Author

      Seems like a fair assessment to me…

    • madchenKliop 7 years ago

      I’ve just been chatting about this on the other thread, but seeing as we’re talking here going to post it here too….

      The slack way Toure and Moreno’s lack of communication allowed the cross to come in, in the first place was symptomatic of a kind of mentality that’s afflicted our players for a long, long time.  It’s like they try and attain a level of confident calm in order to staff off the nerves that cause bad decision making and then lose the heightened urgency that is needed to stay alert.  I’ve felt, even going back to days of Pep, that the problem has always been the same. So many entirely preventable goals conceded through these weird brainfart moments where the player is thinking ‘I’ve got this’ – but then they discover they don’t; brain and body moving at different speeds.  It’s very often at the point of least danger that it happens.

      I actually think Klopp has had a really good effect on eradicating this syndrome. His insistence on getting the players to communicate with eachother has helped them not to get so isolated in their own thoughts. Something maybe Mingers is prone to. The antidote is teamwork. (Sakho is good at it sadly – even when he’s scaring the shit out of everyone else with his unpredictable style of defending he’s helping keep everyone alert as they cover for any eventuality.)


  4. cvt123 7 years ago

    Well. That match brought us down with a bump and surfaced so many underlying issues and insecurities such as our goalkeeper. 

    I am going to share a point that I made on the match thread (but with a twist)

    in the six games prior to Newcastle, we got 13 points which is 2.17 ppg, which is the equivalent to 82 points over a season. Arguably we were in title winning form. When you take the last six games including this results then out ppg goes to 1.83 which equates to 70 points over a season. Or CL qualification.  


    When taking a step back, that is not so shabby. 


    But it we still have a donkey in goal, mind you (I still had to make that point. Again)

  5. Author

    Matt Ladson ‏@mattladson  4m4 minutes ago

    Forgot to mention this yesterday, but the LFC programme awarded Sturridge 2 goals vs Everton. cc: @LFChistory


  6. Dan Kennett 7 years ago

    Dashboard updated to Newcastle (H)

    Some encouraging trends for Clear Cut Chances and Errors but Klopp is constantly fighting against a shocking Save% of 60.5% and our opponents scoring with 1 in every 5 shots in the box….

    • Denis 7 years ago

      And that, right there, is why Mignolet should never be anything more than the back-up keeper for a side trying to win the league.  He’s good – but he’s nowhere near good enough.

  7. For me Moreno has not faced the jury like he should have. A missed clearance on the first goal resulting in him pulled upfield a little leaving Toure to have to come out wider – it was a contributing factor that Liverpool were short of bodies in the box.

    But the second goal was shocking on his part (i wish i could post the pic I have). When Liverpool lose posession Moreno is ahead of Sturridge on the edge of the Newcastle box. 21 seconds later Newcastle score. Moreno has tracked back 70 yards in that time – Allen, Milner and Stewart are all in the box defending while Moreno is still 10 yards further upfield literally ambling back.

    Did he have 2 good assists – yes. But he gets caught too high up too often (Brad Smith is worse) and he recovers like a centre back, going to the post rather than getting into postion on the flank.

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