Post-Match Analysis: Crystal Palace (A)

Post-Match Analysis: Crystal Palace (A)
March 7, 2016 Daniel Rhodes

By Daniel Rhodes. 

That was about as exciting as a match gets, even coming a few days after beating Manchester City comfortably at home. After an hour, it seemed like the narrative was to continue: the Reds struggle against teams who let us have the ball; the Reds struggle against Crystal Palace, full stop. The Reds struggle this season to put three wins together.

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And, then, rather bizarrely, James Milner got sent-off, and the whole game changed, it our favour. Palace gift us two goals, and our chance creation shoots up. Firmino and Benteke both finish with different types of composure. Whereas Alan Pardew and various other hot-headed, irrational, ignore-the-reality-because-my head-is-just-fine-in-the-sand types, spouted their faux-outrage. Very amusing for all involved.

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