Steven Gerrard – In Our Own Words

Steven Gerrard – In Our Own Words
May 19, 2015 Chris Rowland

With our very own caped crusader about to depart, we asked some of our writers and contributors for their own thoughts on Stevie. Our questions in bold.

What’s your defining Gerrard moment?

Anthony Stanley: It may be predictable but, for me, the Olympiacos goal is the defining moment in Gerrard’s career. It was the template for what he would go on to do for Liverpool on numerous occasions: almost single-handedly dragging his team over the finishing line and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Everything about it still makes me smile. The importance of the game at a heaving Anfield, the sense of magic of a European game under the floodlights, the desperation, the against-the-odds feel of the match, the strike – how he caught it, absolutely perfectly – and the commentary which has become myth as a former Bitter cannot hide his delight and incredulity. Stevie’s celebration was also something to witness.

Krishen Bhautoo: The obvious: Olymiakos, Cardiff, Istanbul. Also on the list is when he had a spat with RVP at Anfield in 2011:

RVP: Where’s your Premier League medal.

SG: I don’t have a Premier League medal, but at least I didn’t join my rivals to achieve it. Where’s your Champions League medal you fucking prick?!

And when Mourinho called LFC a ‘little club’ SG replied: ‘Two European Cup finals in three years – not bad for a little club’.

After scoring the winner against QPR an interviewer asked him if it was the best header he’d ever scored:

SG: The one in the Champions League Final was pretty good.

Interviewer: I’d forgotten about that.

SG: I haven’t!

And of course: “If teams want to play 2 v 2 against Sturridge and Suarez, then all the best.”

Makes me giggle every time.

Chris Rowland: Not just his goal in Istanbul but the force of nature that inspired Liverpool back from the abyss. It was he who drove the team on to achieve the impossible.

How does Gerrard rank as a Liverpool great?

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