TTT Pod #12: The Momentum of Sentimentality

TTT Pod #12: The Momentum of Sentimentality
March 11, 2015 Daniel Rhodes

Including: Bob Pearce, Chris Rowland, Barry Meehan (Bazmeen) and James Keen (Jimtheoracle)

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Topics: Why do many fans of other clubs react so negatively to Liverpool (the Gerrard song, Suarez and Blackburn in particular the other day); how does the captain get back into the team?; the momentum of sentimentality; does the captaincy matter?; Can Can Captain?; what’s the best way to interact with the referee?; adapting between playing in the defence and midfield; is the need for rotation overplayed?; What do we want from a keeper and has Mignolet improved?; Which game is Balotelli playing?

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