Tactics for Beginners – No.1

Tactics for Beginners – No.1
September 24, 2012 Bob Pearce

By Bob Pearce and Mihail Vladimirov.

After last week’s intro, the eagerly awaited Q&A session kicks off with Bob asking the questions and Mihail providing the answers. This is the first in a regular series of articles.

Waiting for kick-off

‘Seeing and observing’

As a tactical novice, when I hear people talking with authority about 4-4-2 etc, I have to assume they know what they are talking about. I have to admit though sometimes I do wonder if they are bluffing. How would I know?

If you have decent tactical knowledge to understand what they are talking about you will be able to see whether they are speaking sense or pure bullshit. I have to admit it’s rather easy to see when the pundits/commentators are speaking bullshit. One of the trademark examples is when someone is going to keep talking how the 4-4-2 is so more attacking than the 4-2-3-1/4-1-2-3 formation.

From now on you could just stop listening to him!

So, we are watching the ‘same’ game, but you ‘see’ a different game to me. How do you look at a match? How do you see the ball, player movement, and the spaces, for both teams, all at the same time? Is there a trick?

As you know there is a vast difference between “watching” and “seeing” a match. But there is a huge difference between “seeing” and “observing” a match too. Observing means your primary aim is to see what is happening but also to observe how this is happening, why it’s happening and how it’s interacting with everything else that is currently happening on the pitch. Or in short – you want to see the full details and reasons behind both the cause and the effect.

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