How the Media Monkeys Saw Rodgers’ Appointment

How the Media Monkeys Saw Rodgers’ Appointment
June 21, 2012 Daniel Rhodes

By Daniel Rhodes.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, infinity, monkeys and typewriters or even a tail, a blindfold and a donkey; whatever the lame metaphor, after weeks of speculative nonsense surrounding Liverpool’s search for a manager, the British press pack stumbled upon a rare commodity in the modern media landscape; praise for Liverpool Football Club.

Praise, as we shall see, is not always positive; it can be veiled and certainly not unconditional. For instance, when I praise my son for scoring a goal in the garden or doing well at school, it is with love and enthusiasm. When some sections of the media, especially the broadsheets, praise Liverpool FC, I’m surprised they can get their words out through the grit between their teeth.

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