Big Plans Needed to Replace King Kenny

Big Plans Needed to Replace King Kenny
May 17, 2012 Paul Tomkins

Liverpool Football Club sacking Kenny Dalglish is “wrong” in almost every conceivable sense. But the only way it can ever be right is if time proves it to be.

It will still feel wrong – the way we feel now – but if it leads to undeniable success on the pitch, then even Kenny himself will surely regard it as the correct move (although he will, of course, have the right to think he could have matched any subsequent success). If it doesn’t lead to success, then the unrest of fans will surely only grow.

I feel a lot more reassured than I did last night that an actual cohesive plan is in place; like others, I felt gripped by a sense of panic. What I’ve heard since is reassuring, but until there’s concrete evidence, I won’t be getting carried away.

More thoughts – from yesterday morning – on why Kenny might be sacked (as speculation reached fever point), and on why I felt he might have been kept on, are available to read in this free piece. What follows, for subscribers, is a tribute to the great man, and also my thoughts on where Liverpool FC is likely to go from here.