While I aim to continue to produce my usual amount of articles for the site, the following people will also be contributing to The Tomkins Times, as it expands its reach:

Chris Rowland

Author of From Where I Was Standing, and veteran of all 10 of Liverpool’s European finals since 1966. Chris is the site’s Editor.

Dan Kennett

Data analyst who contributed to Pay As You Play, Dan is a Liverpudlian and regular match-goer. Since writing for TTT, he has been approached to write for FC Business magazine.

Andrew Beasley

Neil Dunkin

Author of the brilliant Kopite odyssey, Anfield of Dreams, for which he was nominated for Best New Writer at the British Sports Book Awards 2009 – aged 64! He is a member of the site, and will be providing some original content.

Zach Slaton

Graeme Riley

Author of the annual series of books, Football In Europe. Possessed of a quite awesome database of facts, figures and stats, Graeme has proved able to answer most subscribers’ questions about historical aspects of Liverpool FC, and indeed, most clubs in Europe. A quite brilliant resource for the whole site to call upon.

Simon Fear

A top-qualified (Grade One) referee, who has officiated at Conference level, Simon will be offering a monthly look at the refereeing decisions affecting Liverpool FC, offering an impartial take on the men in black.

With more to follow.


As well as the aforementioned contributors, there are also a number of other influential writers, bloggers and website editors (as well as two novelists, and several university lecturers) who post on TTT, not to mention a lot of regular match-going Reds (local and from further afield) and quite a few season ticket holders (past and present).

The average age seems higher than the normal internet forum because the site appeals to ‘mature’ users, given the lack of trolls and wind-up-merchants – although thankfully ‘mature’ also applies to some of our younger members, too.