How Jordan Henderson Was Fab When Fab Was Missing

How Jordan Henderson Was Fab When Fab Was Missing
February 24, 2020 Chris Rowland


Written by Mizgan Masani.

When Fab – Fabinho of course – picked up a serious injury in Liverpool’s Champions League game against Napoli at Anfield on 27th November, an undeniable air of anxiety swept around the stadium. Fabinho had arguably been our player of the season up to that point, and certainly a contender.

With the December and January fixtures to come, it seemed the Brazilian had picked up the injury at the worst possible time. Concern about his long-term absence was understandable.

However, there was one player, with previous experience in that defensive midfield position, who was ready to step in – the captain, Jordan Henderson.

He was already another of Liverpool’s contenders for player of the season while operating in a more advanced midfield position. But now, cometh the hour, the captain stepped into a different role as he led the team through a tough and gruelling December and January period.

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