A Scouser Born and Bred No.5: Jamie Carragher

A Scouser Born and Bred No.5: Jamie Carragher
September 6, 2016 Chris Rowland

By Alex Papas (TTT Subscirber – Yiannis).

“We all dream of a team of Carraghers”

Not being from anywhere near the Merseyside area, and with my lifetime number of Anfield visits at the heady heights of one (16th December 2007, Liverpool 0 Manchester United 1, fuck you Tevez), perhaps I am the wrong person to be looking at this question – but I have never understood the “team of Carraghers” chant.

Yes, of course, he was in many ways the living embodiment of scouse-ness, that famous accent so thick that it required subtitles anywhere south of Coventry. There’s every likelihood he’s the last of the “one club men” – at least at the top level – and one of the greatest servants this great club has had in its great history. But come on! There are many adjectives you can use to describe Carragher (over to you, comment section!), but I can think of a fair few that never got troubled by excessive use. “Fast”, “quick” and “agile” were rarely dusted off, and words like “good” and “great” got plenty of use when talking about defending, not so much when talking about his passing, crossing, dribbling, first touch and technical skills. Finally you could, if you really wanted to, describe Carragher as a “goal scorer”, as it is an undeniable fact that he scored several goals in his career, but such a description would be untroubled by adjectives like “natural” or “regular” (or even “at the right end”! 😉 – Ed).

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