Fireman, Cousin’s House, Original and Sturbridge

Fireman, Cousin’s House, Original and Sturbridge
May 12, 2016 Paul Tomkins

By Paul Tomkins.

With a trophy in the balance going into mid-May, as the Reds head for an incredible second final in Jürgen Klopp’s brief (but intense) tenure, there are various positives to take away from this season, but it strikes me that these four – Robert Fireman, Phillip Cousin’s House, Divan Original and Daniel Sturbridge (at least according to my phone) – are as probably good as any anything in any other Premier League side.

I was going to write that the quartet are good enough “to win the title”, but such perceptions are now a little skewed; after all, go back to August, and if I’d said Vardy (hahaha), Mahrez (who?), Kante (who? – and spellcheck wants to call him Kanye) and Albrighton (what?!) would be four key attacking elements to the title winners you’d have said it was an even worse error of judgement than when I got “Sean Dundee, Kop God” tattooed across my buttocks.

Presumably, fans up and down the country are now looking at players like Marouane Chamakh, Junior Stanislas and Fabio Borini and thinking “we could win the title with these!”

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The Brazilian, Robert Fireman