The Week That Was – Friday 26th June

The Week That Was – Friday 26th June
June 27, 2015 Daniel Rhodes

By Chris Rowland and Daniel Rhodes.

W/c Monday June 22nd  2015.

Welcome to our weekly round-up, a diary of news and events on the site, matters relating to LFC and the world of football generally.

The Week in Football – Liverpool FC:


Raheem Sterling flew home from his holiday in Ibiza in a private jet as Manchester City consider increasing their offer to £50m for the 20-year-old Liverpool winger. (Daily Mail) 

Jordan Henderson has revealed how ‘the little details’ can be key to winning the midfield battle in any Barclays Premier League game. (

“Making sure that you know your role in the team, what your job is, what you need to do, and performing that as best as you can.

“The midfield is obviously a crucial part in football at any level really, so it’s important that you get a foothold in the game right from the start, and then build from there.

“[That] is what we try to do, we try to get a foothold in the game with the ball, keep possession of the ball and obviously the midfield is a crucial part of that.

“I think it’s the little details that people maybe don’t see in football, in terms of breaking the line, especially if you’re in a deeper midfield role.

“You’ve got people like [Philippe] Coutinho, [Adam] Lallana and [Raheem] Sterling ahead of you, they need the ball fed into them quickly, and it’s making sure that you do that with precise passing and getting them on the front foot as quickly as possible.

“With the receiving skills that they have got, you can sort of fire it in and they will deal with the ball.”

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