TTT Main – Fuckwits: the Podcast

TTT Main – Fuckwits: the Podcast
May 14, 2015 Daniel Rhodes

Including: Daniel Rhodes, Paul Tomkins, Chris Rowland and Dave Cronin

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Topics: Who are the fuckwits? Am I a fuckwit? Does agreeing/accepting the Transfer Price Index, and the context that Liverpool find themselves, mean we are all happy with fifth? Why this season has been such a disappointment: the performances, the use of resources and the sheer lack of enjoyment. Apportioning blame, and using Mignolet as the example. The under-achievement of Manchester United, and the reasons why. Why do players lose form? Is it always the manager’s fault? Debating the dirty word: par. What if everyone achieves their own par? Is there always a chance to make the top four? The thirty most expensive transfers in Premier League history, and how many succeeded? Improve the squad or focus on one big money signing? How will we remember Steven Gerrard? A tribute.

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