Show Me the Money

Show Me the Money
May 11, 2015 Chris Rowland

by TTT Subscriber Arjun Aiyar.

Following Jordon Ibe’s recent revelation that he prefers to have his parents advise him rather than an agent, on Sunday Arjun aiyar made a series of fascinating comments regarding the way agents operate in the football industry, based on his personal legal experiences.

SuperTiger asked whether we could expand on this into an article “as it’ll be something we all will be discussing at length when the summer transfer window is in full swing.”

So guess what – we did! The first comment was here, and you can follow the full debate from there if you want.

Comment 1:

Not so sure about players’ contracts/commercial rights being managed by their parents to be honest…

I have seen and worked with parents as well as agents who manage ‘properties’… in the sports business everything is referred to as a ‘property’ by agents…tournaments, events, shows, performers and athletes…all ‘properties’. That in itself probably says something about the business…but I digress.

Many years ago, I was a senior in-house lawyer working for IMG – the company that is credited with commercialising modern sports (a handshake between Arnold Palmer and IMG’s founder Mark McCormack kicked things off). So basically I was the guy who would draw up contracts for agents once they had reached an understanding regarding a ‘property’.

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