The Transfer Price Index Podcast – Part Three

The Transfer Price Index Podcast – Part Three
February 2, 2015 Daniel Rhodes

Asking the questions: Bob Pearce and Daniel Rhodes.

Guests: Paul Tomkins, Dan Kennett and Graeme Riley.

TPI Podcast #3

Topics: Competitive balance, and how the league is being squeezed; the Premier League is not the “most competitive league in the world”; breaking up the oligopoly; how much of the total spending comes from the top eight teams in the league; the lack of revenue-sharing or salary caps; the ‘Title Zone’; controlling the transfer market; wastage: how much of the value of the squad is not on the pitch at any one time?; Financial Fair Play; The Suarez Scenario… [sobering silence]; the future of The Transfer Price Index; the correlation between wages and transfers; full transparency in the transfer market.

Pay As You Play: The True Price of Success in the Premier League

TTT Health Warning: “Fantastically depressing.” (Bob Pearce – Dec, 2014)


  • CTPP = Current Transfer Purchase Price.  The player’s original transfer value adjusted for football inflation using the same method as the Retail Price Index. (Andriy Shevchenko remains the highest CTPP)
  • Sq£ = The cost of a club’s squad for a season in CTPP
  • £XI = The average cost (in CTPP) of the starting XI’s in Premier League matches that season