TTT Tactics #9: LFC vs CFC – 90min Tactical Analysis

TTT Tactics #9: LFC vs CFC – 90min Tactical Analysis
January 22, 2015 Daniel Rhodes


Bob Pearce, Daniel Rhodes, Mihail Vladimirov and Sébastien Chapuis.



Both teams’ starting approaches; LFC’s  balanced strategy, which was great to nullify CFC’s threat but not so great once a goal down; CFC’s approach – how they opted to defend and how this impacted their approach; What happened at 1-0 – LFC’s pretty passing but little penetration; CFC gradually seize control. Opening ten minutes of the 2nd half largely the same as in 1st half; LFC gathering pace and attacking momentum with a quicker tempo, more pressing and how this affected CFC and enabled LFC to pin them back; LFC’s attacking struggles; CFC’s problems in possession and defending; Both teams tiring in last 20′ and both managers’ lack of changes; LFC unable to keep up the momentum which got CFC off the hook; both managers’ lack of changes which eventually suited CFC.