The Transfer Price Index Podcast – Part Two

The Transfer Price Index Podcast – Part Two
January 14, 2015 Daniel Rhodes

Asking the questions: Bob Pearce and Daniel Rhodes

Guests: Paul Tomkins, Dan Kennett and Graeme Riley

Topics: a review of the previous episode; Premier League compound inflation; analysing various transfer myths, including the idea that spending vast amounts of individual transfer fees guarantees success. The TPI Coeffcient and what it tells us about the best and worst signings in the Premier League era.

TPI Podcast #2


  • CTPP = Current Transfer Purchase Price.  The player’s original transfer value adjusted for football inflation using the same method as the Retail Price Index. (Andriy Shevchenko remains the highest CTPP)
  • Sq£ = The cost of a club’s squad for a season in CTPP
  • £XI = The average cost (in CTPP) of the starting XI’s in Premier League matches that season