TTT Podcast: Episode Three

TTT Podcast: Episode Three
August 12, 2014 Daniel Rhodes

The third episode of The Tomkins Times’ Podcast has been recorded. A huge thanks to everyone involved. We went for four guests today, and only mentioned fish puns for twenty minutes before the start. Feedback, as always, welcome in the comments section.

Episode Three: Fluid Formations

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Bob Pearce


Paul Tomkins, Chris Rowland, Daniel Rhodes and Mihail Vladimirov.

Coutinho’s breathtaking performance against Dortmund; problems pinning down the exact formation; fitting the attacking players within the system; a new tactical era of defeating the proverbial parked bus; the untypical target man; the perfect example of a balanced team; error-prone defensive machines; what goes into the busiest week on The Tomkins Times.