We Weren’t Supposed To Be This Good

We Weren’t Supposed To Be This Good
April 1, 2014 jimtheoracle

by James Keen (TTT Subscriber jimtheoracle).

This was posted yesterday afternoon by jimtheoracle – check out the number of Recommends. It was one of those that was too good to leave behind, so in case you missed it, here it reproduced is as an article. 

This team are astonishing. They are the best team in the league and I fully expect them to prove it over the next six weeks. Sterling and Coutinho were electric yesterday – what power from relatively small men, what desire! They simply want this more than the teams around them, their aggression and ruthlessness is terrifying teams and they panic. Fairly, I hasten to add, this team are hard, ruthless, aggressive and will kill you, but they’ll do it fairly. No Mourinho-esque nonsense, no mind games. How do you upset this side with mind games? They’ve realised how good they are, good luck and Godspeed to all who face them between now and the end of the season. Chelsea meekly surrendered at Crystal Palace; this Liverpool team would have found a way. Will find a way.

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