Satisfied With Improvement, Daring To Dream

Satisfied With Improvement, Daring To Dream
February 21, 2014 Chris Rowland

By Barry Meehan (TTT Subscriber Bazmeen).

At the start of this season I had only one target in mind – to see Liverpool improve. Long gone are the years where every season began with fanciful dreams of unprecedented glory. Age, experience, and the last few painful seasons had coloured my thinking to a level where I dared not raise my expectation levels to even a European place. To my mind, it seemed like the mentality throughout our support had re-adjusted itself to a similar idea. I read countless blogs, listened to podcasts, went on forums, even had some good old fashioned face to face conversations with friends and it seemed something was different. Although our rivals delight in our, previously unabashed optimism it seemed to me that a sea-change had occurred and the consensus was that expectations for the season ahead needed to be realistic.

Suddenly the only cries of “this is going to be our year” were lowly taunts from those who have loved revelling in our dashed hopes in years gone by. Unfortunately for them though, their taunts fell on deaf ears as the Red faithful remained focused on our most important target for the season ahead – improvement.

Wouldn’t you just know it though, just when we decide to get real, they go and alter our reality!

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