Is There Any Value in the Jan. Transfer Window?

Is There Any Value in the Jan. Transfer Window?
January 31, 2014 Chris Rowland

By Finin Martin.

“The January transfer market has never been the best market and that has proved itself over the years.”

Sir Alex Ferguson, December 2012.

When FIFA brought in the two window system as compulsory in the 2002-2003 season, they could not have foreseen the negative impact it would have on Premier League fans.

One of the most negative impacts was in helping Sky create a day where their clueless town crier Jim White will shout throughout the last night of the month, informing viewers over and over again of the breaking news that Grimsby Town have signed a teenager on loan. This day will also include “frontline” reporters loitering around training grounds all over the country, becoming visibly more depressed with the passing of every hour and addition of more and more rowdy local “yoof” making noise and well, being young.

Time and again the camera will abruptly return to the studio with the town crier apologising for the latest wanker signal or two fingered salute in the background.

Where is the apology to the Oxford English Dictionary for the blatant misuse and abuse of the word “expert”.

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