Best of TTT Book – Out Now!

Best of TTT Book – Out Now!
July 25, 2013 Paul Tomkins

By Paul Tomkins.

A week’s time (15th July) sees the release of the 340-page best of TTT book, with almost 50 in-depth articles over four years collated into one satisfying whole!

However, the book is now live on the Amazon Kindle store, with the print version following very soon. The current price on Amazon for pre-orders of a physical copy is just £5.94.

These Turbulent Times gathers together the best articles to appear on the award-winning Tomkins Times website since its inception in 2009, covering all aspects of Liverpool FC’s fortunes in that time. The analysis encompasses a wide range of styles and approaches, including straight opinion pieces; “I was there” reporting on Hillsborough by Chris Rowland and Neil Dunkin; in-depth tactical reviews by European expert Mihail Vladimirov; professional data analysis on a number of performance issues by Dan Kennett and Lee Mooney; a look at the legal implications of the Suarez affair and Uefa’s Financial Fair Play Rules, courtesy of Daniel Geey, a prominent football lawyer; and exclusive interviews with key personnel at the club.

There are also some new articles written especially for the book.

These Turbulent Times can be pre-ordered via by clicking on the link below or on this hyperlink.

Alternatively, a small number of signed copies are still available to Subscribers only. (See below.)